Can we enter PEER® data using smart phones and tablets?

Answer: YES. Because PEER® safety software is a web-based application, people can use smart phones / tablets or office computers to enter data. This means people can enter data while in the field or in the office.

What kind of data can PEER® collect and store?

Answer: PEER® has a standardized data entry card that collects information on consequence management, behavioral categories of concern, precursors, exposure categories, and types of impact for potential Serious Injuries and Fatalities, various root cause categories, and immediate and follow-up corrective actions. Users, and their designated sites and locations are also stored.

PEER® also contains the means to develop specific behavioral checklists for senior, middle and front-line management safety commitment leadership behaviors, employee safety behaviors, audit questions and inspection criteria. This allows everyone to be involved in the improvement process, as the checklists can be developed to cover any activity. 


Who has access to PEER® and what can they see?

Answer: Only those people you have designated as “Users” have access to PEER® safety software. Normal “Users” have limited access to the data. Each User has their own separate account, and they can see everything they have ever entered. They cannot see what other “Users” have entered. PEER® software Administrators can see the aggregated data for all ‘Users”, monitor trends and drill-down into the data if they wish. It is up to you to determine who has administrator access or those who are simply a normal “User”.


Who enters the data?

Answer: Anyone in your Company who does safety observations, and has been given access rights. We do not do data entry for you. That is your people’s responsibility. Most “Users” have been trained to observe and discuss safety, and are aware of what they are looking for. In some companies, untrained “Users” have been able to successfully enter data as PEER® is so easy to use and is intuitive.

Some companies who have been using other Behavioral-Based Safety type software packages have switched to PEER® as it is so “User” friendly, and provides the means for more extensive analysis of the data.

Is PEER® safety software easy to use?
Answer: Yes. We have specifically designed it to be ‘user friendly’. The software is easy to use and understand. Users login and access the ‘data entry’ screen via a ‘tab’ and record their findings and save. It takes a few minutes depending on the depth of detail they enter. Users can also view their previous records and update or close out their corrective actions.

Does the 'Administrator' require training?
Answer: No. The software is intuitive and can be learnt in a few minutes. However, some Administrators like to be trained in data interpretation. Help Manuals are available for both Administrators and Users, as well as help files being embedded within the online application.

Is the number of Users limited?

Answer: No. We do not limit the number of users from a licensed site. In other words, everyone on site can use it. 

Can BSMS provide ‘Safety Leadership’ training to our people?
Answer: Yes. We can train as many people in your company as you desire. Simply contact us to make the appropriate arrangements.