All companies are concerned about what is required from their IT departments, and about the security of our application. We broadly address these issues below. 

Do our IT department have to do anything to install PEER®?

Answer: No. They only need to give “Users” access to the internet (perhaps via a dedicated computer if there are restrictions on internet usage by employees).


Will PEER® compromise the security of our IT network?

Answer: No. PEER® is hosted on our HTTPS servers, and is delivered through the Web. PEER® does not host any information that could be used to break into your network and servers. It simply stores safety data.


Who owns the data?

Answer: You Do! We're just custodians. We simply make and maintain the vehicle that gets you from A to B.


How secure is the data?

Answer: Very. We have adopted and initiated a multiple ‘defense in depth’ philosophy to ensure your data is secure.


Is there a data-back-up service?

Answer: Yes. We automatically keep a 30 day rolling back-up of all data. Should something go wrong, we can quickly restore your data. 


Can we expand  capability as our company grows?

Answer. Yes: We can add additional site licenses as the need arises, for the appropriate site license fees.


What charges are there for Upgrades?

Answer: None. Everyone benefits from our continuous improvement activities that come from our own experiences, or added-value suggestions from clients. Additional features or tweaks are installed quietly behind the scenes, with administrators informed of developments on the admin portal page.


Can PEER® be adapted to suit our company’s specific circumstances?

Answer: In principle, Yes. We have programmed bespoke versions of PEER® for clients to suit their particular circumstances. We work with the client to identify the specific changes required, agree a project plan with milestones, and provide regular updates. Programming time is charged.


Can we purchase the PEER® Source Code and host it internally?

Answer: POTENTIALLY: For large organizations desiring to use PEER® in all of its facilities, it is possible to purchase a “one-time” non-exclusive license so your company may host the software on its own Internal IT Servers (license restrictions apply). Details available on request.