BSMS conducts one-day 'in-house' workshops on client premises to train people in PEER® safety observations and conversations. The aim is to increase your people's understanding of how to be a visible safety leader, stop serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs), and improve their company's safety culture and safety performance.

 The PEER® safety leadership training covers:

  • Understanding process safety hazards and how to identify them
  • The association between behavior and process safety
  • Identifying workplace behaviors that could cause serious injuries (SIFs) or process safety incidents
  • Developing successful communication skills
  • Effectively engaging with people
  • Recording safety observations and conversations in the PEER® safety leadership software
  • Practical on-site observations & conversations in your facility


Train the Trainer

We can help prepare and certify your Company's own internal consultants to implement PEER® at multiple locations under a license agreement with BSMS. After completing our certification process, internal consultants can lead future implementations and adjust the process as necessary without any further assistance.


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