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Over time, the rate of recordable injuries has declined, but the rate of serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) is either flat or increasing. Industry has worked hard to reduce the number of incidents, but many wonder what is being overlooked that is still causing these catastrophic events.


1]   "Practical Steps to reduce Serious Injuries & Fatalities(SIFs)


Are you looking for a simple, cost effective solution to improving safety and reducing serious injuries & fatalities (SIFs)? Download a presentation outlining our proven PEER® process that is suitable for all industries.

2]   "PEER® Process Overview 


3]  In his fourth video for SHP Safety Talks, Dr Dominic Cooper discusses how to control serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs).


4]   Servant Leadership and Safety - An article describing an approach to target the main seven broken safety culture topics that could lead to a major breakthrough in reducing serious injuries & fatalities (SIFs)


5]   Identifying, Controlling and Eliminating Serious Injury & Fatalities - A 2015 article describing an approach to reducing serious injuries & fatalities (SIFs). This is a book chapter in Heather Beech (2015) Beyond Compliance. SHP/UBM


6]  The efficacy of industrial safety science constructs for addressing serious injuries & fatalities (SIFs)  -  A 2019 article examining Britain's national safety statistics to discover which safety science concepts have led to injury reductions to provide focus on the reduction of serious injuries & fatalities


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