Many clients ask us about on-going support.  

Can BSMS provide ongoing process support?

Answer: YES. This is an option and not mandatory. It is up to you to request it. Ongoing Support Fees are charged. Options include:  

·         helping you setting up the structure of the application to mirror your organization at commencement

·         analyzing the data and providing monthly reports to you to steer you in the right direction to maximize the benefits.

·         providing coaching on data-analysis


What about on-going PEER® software support?

Answer: We are concerned to ensure our customers receive the excellent levels of support they desire. We always respond within 24 hours, and usually quicker. The frequency of updates depends on the issue. If a “component” is reported not to be performing as expected we pull out all the stops to try and fix it immediately, for no charge. We respond to problems resulting from a “User not following instructions, the inaccuracy of any Input Material or any other cause attributable to the User(s)” as quickly as we can, but hourly fees are charged.


Who provides PEER® software support?

Answer: BSMS personnel provide the support services described in the license. Based on our expertise and ongoing research in Safety Culture, Safety Leadership and Behavior-Based Safety, we are constantly striving to improve the application features. We also listen closely to client suggestions for enhancements and improvements. If a client offers suggestions for new product features and enhancements we will determine the feasibility of the suggestion, and if reasonable will endeavor to complete it as time and workload allows.


Will you tailor the PEER® software platform to our specific needs?
Answer: YES. We are willing to discuss and accommodate your needs. If a Client requests that BSMS specifically develop programmed code for new product features and enhancements we will provide a price on application and mutually agree an appropriate time frame for completion.