Developed by BSMS Inc.  Recognized world-experts in behavioral approaches to safety - Leveraging 3 decades of behavioral safety research, practical HSE experience, and extensive in-house software development

Data Capture

  • Pre-defined PEER® Observation card covering 99% of workplace activities that captures behaviors, potential serious injuries & fatalities, associated root causes (e.g. Human Error and Management System faults), and corrective actions; PLUS
  • Customizable observation checklists to target Safety leadership commitments for different layers of management, safety behaviors, assess visible ongoing support, conduct inspections and audit systems. 

Analysis, Feedback and Reporting

Flexible and easy to access reports


  • Real-time Observation Dashboards
  • Observations and Root Causes 
  • Potential Serious Injuries & Fatalities (SIFs)
  • Corrective Action Tracking 
  • Participation rates
  • Compare sites and locations


  • Numerous Pie Charts and Trend Charts

Internet Media

  • Any Web Browser
  • Web enabled Tablets, Smart phones and Desktops
  • Hosted on a secure HTTPS server

Standard Edition

  •  User Friendly: PEER® results in high end-user participation rates
  •  Flexible: PEER® can be configured for all industries and safety processes
  •  Scalable: PEER® supports safety from a single site to a multi-site global rollout
  •  Boundless: Unlimited Users per site license
  • Support: US-Based technical support staff quickly respond to customer feedback and questions
  • Value for money

Enterprise-Wide Edition

  •  Source Code: Corporate deals available for multi-nationals / multi-site corporations


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